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Using decoupage to customise the new Office Stack & Store range


The Office Range was added to the Stack & Store family after numerous requests for A3 & A4 storage.
This product is so versatile; besides school and office storage it can be used for any small storage needs such as for babies, children, kitchen, crafts, dressing table accessories, and in the garage.
The Stack & Store products are made from super wood, this allows you to customise the finish to your individual taste.


The versatility is demonstrated in the Office A4 - 8 drawer unit that has been converted to a jewelry box and makeup storage for a dressing table – this was done by turning the drawers around adding a little handle to each drawer, door knobs as feet and decorating it with chalk paints and stencils, then completing it by adding some finishing embellishments.

The unit that will be demonstrated today is the 2 drawer Office A3, it will be decorated for a craft room. The technique used is decoupage, it feels like visiting an old friend … a technique that most of us have used and need a reminder of what great results we can easily achieve.

Select - The first step is to select the storage unit that will suit your needs, and the paper and design that you wish to use.

Foundation – The surface that you use to apply your design needs to be prepared.

  • It needs to be a clean dry surface. Sand off any rough surfaces then wipe off any sawdust that is present.

  • For this project, I applied a base coat of craft acrylic paint that I diluted with about 20% water, this diluted coat goes on easily and gives a smooth finish, followed by a   second coat painted in the opposite direction to give a good covering of paint. I have used acrylic paint as a base as it does not rub off as easily as chalk paint and gives a brighter result.

Tip – decant the paint that you are going to use into a container, discard any leftover paints as it will contaminate the bottle of paint if you dip your brush in it.

• To achieve an aged finish, I rub a candle around all the edges that I want to distress, this will prevent the top coat from sticking to the undercoat making rubbing it off a lot easier. The top coat colour chalk paint was used. Chalk paint rubs off a little easier than acrylic and gives the softer finish that I required. Once it has dried take  sandpaper and rub the edges to allow the bottom colour to come through. Give the rest of the surface a soft sand to make sure you have a smooth surface to work on.

Select your design and prepare the cutouts, the larger the paper that you use the more difficult it is to get the paper to lie flat.
The Modge Podge is available in a Matt, Gloss and Satin finish, for this project a Satin finish was chosen.  

  • Paint on the Modge Podge generously on to the surface that you are going to use with a sponge applicator or paint brush. Position your cutouts, if they are long start at one end and flatten towards the end using your fingers and then a craft roller. If you have a larger piece work from the middle outward.

  • Once the print is in place remove any excess Podge from under your image. Make sure that there are no bubbles, that the paper is flat with no wrinkles. Allow it dry well before continuing.

  • Start applying about 10 coats of Modge podge, one at a time allowing each coat to dry for about 30 minutes before applying the next layer. Change the direction each time, apply with smooth straight strokes.

  • Gently sand off any rough areas with a fine 1200 sand paper, that has been dipped in water, apply 4-5 more layers and sand again. This process can be repeated as many times as you want until you have achieved the desired effect.

  • Sand the last layer very well. Allow it to dry for at least 24hours

  • Seal your project with 2 -3 layers of heavy duty varnish for extra heat, scuff and water-resistant protection.

List of materials used
Stack & Store - A3, 2 drawers from the office range
Pencil holder
Patterned paper
Craft acrylic paint - Heritage
Paint brush
Chalk paint - Heritage
Satin Modge Podge – Heritage
Sponge applicator
Fine 1200 Sandpaper
Craft roller
Heavy duty varnish- Heritage PU 7 Varnish
The Pencil holder’s instructions are the same as the A3 drawers

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